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Mon – Thu - 5pm to 8.30pm (Takeaway available until 10.30pm)**
Fri – Sun 1pm to 8.30pm (Takeaway available until 10.30pm)**
Key : V = vegetarian, N = may have traces of nuts, D = dairy, G = gluten and H = hot.
If you do suffer from any food related allergens, please let a member of our team know, 

 Mixed Grill & Sharing Platters

The JQ Presidential Platter (D)........

£14.95 (serves 2-3) £19.95 (serves 3-5)

Chicken tikka, Tandoori lamb chops, Fish Amritsari, Sheek Kebabs & JQ Chicken Wings

The JQ Imperial Platter (V,D,G)........

£12.95 (serves 2-3) £16.95 (serves 3-5)

Soya Tandoori, Paneer Tikka, Gobi Manchurian & Tandoori Mushrooms


Meat & Fish Dishes

The JQ CHICKEN WINGS ......... (5 Wings) (H) - £3.95

Chicken wings cooked in a bbq sauce & finished in the Tandoor

Fish Amritsari (D) ........ £4.49

Succulent chunks of fish immersed in a lightly spiced gram flour batter and deep fried until golden & crispy

chilli chicken......... (H) - £4.49

Cubes of chicken cooked with peppers & onions, finished with soya sauce, vinegar and fresh coriander

Sheek Kebabs ...... (2 Pieces) - £4.95

Minced lamb complimented by the Chef’s blend of coriander, capsicum, ginger & green chili creating an extraordinary play of tastes

Tandoori Lamb Chops (D) ..... (4 Pieces) - £5.95

Tender chops of lamb marinated in a rustic special blend of spices finished to perfection in the tandoor

Chicken Tikka (D) ..... (4 Pieces) - £3.95

Chicken pieces marinated in a special blend of spices & herbs, cooked in the tandoor

Vegetarian Dishes

Paneer Tikka ......... £4.95 (D,V)

Homemade Indian cottage cheese, peppers and onions. Marinated in yoghurt, ginger & garlic roasted in the tandoor

Chilli Paneer ........ £4.95 (D,V)

Cubes of Indian Cottage Cheese cooked with bell peppers, onions & finished in a Northern Asian inspired sauce



Main Courses

Methi Chicken......... (D) - £7.95

Roasted chicken from the flames of the tandoor, braised in a fresh peppery fenugreek masala sauce

Karahi Chicken ......... (D) £8.95

Chicken slow roasted and then pan fried in a traditional Indian karahi, infused with tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic & ginger

Keema Matar.. (D) £7.95

Fine mince of lamb cooked with ginger, garlic paste, cumin, cardamom & bay leaf, finished with fresh green garden peas

Lamb Rogan Josh ......... (D) £9.95

Tender diced lamb is cooked in its own cardamom tinged juices, green chilli & onion, garnished with fresh coriander & crushed cashew nuts

Paneer Makhani......... (D,V) £5.95

Cubes of traditional Indian cottage Cheese simmered in a indulgent butter and cream sauce infused with mild herbs and spices

Turka Daal.. £4.95 (D,V)

A Fusion of garlic, ginger & oil which is then poured over the daal as it cooks to give it a rich and distinctive flavour

Daal Makhani ...... (D,V) £5.95

This lentil and kidney bean daal is cooked in a true Punjabi style


The Dough for our breads is made in house by our Dedicated Chefs and cooked to perfection in our Traditional Tandoor Ovens.

Tandoori Roti (D,V,G) - £1.50

Crispy whole wheat bread, cooked on the live flames of tandoor.

Tandoori Nan (D,V,G) ......... (D) £1.50

Glazed with Indian ghee

Garlic & Coriander Naan (D,V,G)- £1.50

Soft naan cooked with an abundance of freshly ground garlic cloves & fresh coriander

Extra Dishes and Accompaniments

Pilau Rice - £1.95

Egg Fried Rice - £2.45

Boiled Rice ......... £1.45

Raita (D,V) ......... £1.95

(Refreshing natural yoghurt with crunchy onions, diced tomatoes , cucumber and pomegranate)

Jeera Rice- £1.95


sausage, mash & chips ......... £2.95

baked beans ......... £1.00

chicken nuggets ......... £2.95

fishfingers ......... £2.95

kids MARGHERITA pizza ......... £2.95


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